Best Air Purifier under 100 Dollars

It’s very important that the air is clean. Without clean and fresh air, the human being cannot survive with good health. Polluted air harms our health to such a large extent that most of the time it cannot be restored. Similarly, if the home air is not healthy and pure, we cannot obtain good health and continue with it. Sometimes, we unknowingly ignore this fact. This is a matter of utmost importance that we ensure a healthy home environment by keeping the air clean.

Best Air Purifier under 100 Dollars

Although, we try our best to keep the air pure and smoke-free. But sometimes it becomes hard very difficult because of several reasons that we cannot avoid. We perhaps are living in a roadside house, or maybe our kitchen is now able to keep a smoke free environment, or perhaps we are having a bad neighbor that’s producing smokes. This can be a great problem if the room environment is full of and dust particles. However, we can avoid this type of air pollution by setting up an air purifier at our home. An optimal home environment can be achieved by spending a very small amount of money for your home.

We have reviewed and rated a set of high quality purifiers that should a good set for your home or office use. You can visit GotAbout to know more about home and kitchen appliances.

 GENIANI Home Air Purifier for Vaping

Geniani Home Air Purifier for vaping is one of the best in the market among others of this kind to remove the smoke and vape from your room. It’s dedicated HEPA filter is certified by ARB as a recognition to its ability to purify the air tightly.

This filter works in a 3-stage filtering process with the purpose of removing dust, smoke or allergen from the surrounding air. If anyone is a pet person and trying to make a solution to a furry or smelly situation inside the house, he can rely upon this purifier which fights with any kind of bad odor strongly. The carbon air filter inside this home purifier can also be beneficial to those who are allergic to dust or suffering from running nose. This fights with air borne germs and bacteria. The purifier can cover a large area of 160 square feet with maximum output.

It works in three different levels. One can switch among any of the level depending on what level of intensity is required for the surroundings. But, even in the strongest level of functioning, it operates very quietly which can remain unnoticed if anyone doesn’t try hard. This air purifier is very light weight to move around and comes with a stylish design that can match with an aesthetic interior of a house.

Germ Guardian True HEPA Air Purifier to Remove Vape

Guardian Technology’s awesome 3-in-1 AC4100 Air Purifier is just the perfect fit for a bedroom, living area or small office chamber.

The purifier has the capacity to cover up 78 square feet surrounding area to affect its functions. The 11-inch table top design of the appliance makes it a good to go item beside bed-side cabinet, or on a desk. The gray chrome look makes it more attractive and compact. The machine comes with three levels of purifying the air.

The charcoal filter helps to tarp the dust or smokes when the AHAM verified HEPA filter gets ready to deal with almost 99.7% of the allergen, pollen, bacteria, virus or pet dander. The filter is convenient to clean and very easily replaceable. Alongside, the UV-C sanitizer of the purifier works to eliminate various air borne germs or mold as well as functions against the bad smell coming from any near sources.

It also deals with Titanium Dioxide to reduce the volatility of the organic compound in the air. One can toggle on or off the UV-C function according to the necessity. The purifier literally makes a little white noise which can be helpful for sleep to the insomniac people who are not getting enough sleep. This was our second choice in the best air purifier for vapor below 100 dollar.

LEVOIT Air Purifier for Home Bedroom

Levoit presents its non-comparable Air purifier machine, the LV-PUR131, to fight against all the evils at the residence air.

This giant best fits on the bedroom or kitchen floor or in any other area up to 360 square feet gathering traffic inside the house. The premium white design of the machine gives it an elegant and gentle outlook. The true H13 HEPA filter combats with pet fur, mold spores, pollen or dust from the surrounding air. And the honeycomb styled carbon charcoal filter eats up the smoke and eliminates all the bad odor turning the air very fresh and crisp.

There is an auto adjustable mode which allows the machine to switch in between its three purifying levels judging the air condition and required level of filtering needed.

Also, there is an LED indicator for showing the air quality of the room to help the manual control of the purifier. The LED display can be switched off if someone gets irritated with a diming light coming from the far sight. It is equipped with a complete Ozon free technology which makes it very health friendly to any person suffering from allergy, stuffy nose or asthma. This CARB certified Energy Star is very efficient and fast to purify the air, and also very economic for any household.

Germ Guardian True HEPA Filter Air Purifier for Home

Germ Guardian 3-in-1 AC4825 Air Purifier has a lot to offer to the people dwelling under a musty environment impure air. This air purifier is perfect for those who are rearing pets inside their home as this is rated as one of the strongest to kill of the bad odor. The activated charcoal filter does this job finely.

On the other hand, the prefilter traps dusts, pet hair, or other large particles that can increase one allergic reaction. The true HEPA filter fights with the harmful germs, dusts, pollen, pet dander and other allergen and almost eliminates all these types of micro particles.

There is a UV-C light to deal with air borne virus, such as influenza, staph, or similar kind which can be beneficial for those who have a weak immune system. The automatic mode to switch among either of the three speed levels makes the appliance a perfect choice who intends to depend totally on machine to detect the air quality and act on the required level of contamination.

The machine is verified by AHAM and ranked as an energy star due to its economic power consumption with the highest level of purifying. This standard size air purifying fighter is capable to protect air around 147 square feet of rea which is very reasonable taking its price into the account.

LEVOIT Air Purifier for Smokers

Levoit Vista 200 Air Purifier is a well-designed compact home appliance that will bring in a stylish and aesthetic outlook to the interior of one’s residence. The solid build body has a matte finishing and minimalist touch that is just perfect for the other cool stuff of the house.

Apart from the design, the purifier functions just as perfect with its three filters. The prefilter traps all the large particles flowing around to give away the passage to fresh air.

The true H13 HEPA filter battles with the germs and allergen. Whereas, the advanced carbon filter kills all the bad and dirty odor. All the filters work seamlessly to bring purity to the air that people are living under. And in case one forgets to change the filters, there is arrangement for notifying the user regarding filter change when it is necessary.

The machine has an automatic timer mode which allows the user to set a period after which it will shut down, so that he won’t have to worry about excessive use of utility. However, this purifier is super power consumption friendly as it takes only a little power with 24/7 active functioning. The sleep mode of the appliance helps to keep the air purifying and lets the user sleep at peace with only white noise coming from the fan.

Bottom Line

We have reviewed the best air purifiers that are cheap, have quality, and effective for home use. Setting up such an air purifier that costs below 100 can give you a great advantage that helps to keep your home air pollutant-free. A pollutant-free air gives us a great scope to continue with optimal health for our families. By these, every home can obtain a pollutant-free environment and it’s achievable. 

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