Seven Fun Routines So You Don’t Forget English

Sad but true

English is forgotten. Sad but real, as the Metallica used to say in that mythical song (and so we took the opportunity to review a bit); if we do not use it if we did several intensive courses and a stay abroad, but after we stopped practising, when we want to use it again we will see that our level has dropped a lot. We will find ourselves breaking out Spanglish and speaking as the Indians supposedly speak in those movies so racist and so untrue to the history of the American West.

But do not worry, if you want to maintain your level of English and not go through the frustration of having to re-learn in the future what you already learned in your day, there are several things that you can introduce into the daily routines that will not only maintain your level, but will increase it, and almost without you noticing. Let’s see them:

Translate your favourite music

A right way not to forget English is to translate your favourite songs, listen to them and sing them so that we continue to have an ear used to English and we do not lose our pronunciation.

Series and films

Are you a movie fan? Are you addicted to the series? Both? Then you are in luck because you will be able to enjoy your hobby while you manage not to forget English. Don’t ever see anything that is dubbed and become fond of English subtitles. You will see how your level is not only maintained but also improves.

Phone apps

If you spend a few minutes of your day on public transport, take advantage of them to keep your English fresh with applications like Duolingo. It is not only practical, but also fun, and it will make your trips shorter.

On the other hand, it would be beneficial for you to download the WordReference dictionary application so that you can consult any word that you do not know at the moment.

Listen to the radio

In order not to forget English, we must keep our ears well trained. Therefore, get used to listening to radio stations in English, such as the BBC to find out what is happening in the world at the same time that you practice your English.


Reading is essential for everything in life, but even more so for knowing a language. Start with simple novels like Alice in Wonderland or Brave New World infect mostly people ghostwriter for hire a book writing. And build up the level little by little. Do not forget to have your English dictionary close by to consult and write down the unknown words. You will see that your vocabulary increases rapidly.

Swap languages

In order not to lose fluency speaking it is necessary that you practice with an interlocutor, and better if it is a native speaker. Indeed in your city, some places organize meetings for language exchange, so don’t be shy and go. Besides not forgetting your English, you will meet exciting people.

If your hours do not coincide with those of the exchanges, look for online chats to practice. You can talk to people from all over the world at any time.


If you can, this is without a doubt the best way not to forget English. Travelling is always learning in every way, but also your brain will go to work frantically so you can communicate.

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